Rhamdom Notes from the Captain, Director, First of October ish 2021

Thinking Christmas thoughts on October 1st is far from abnormal, in fact I’d argue, is quite welcome in such times, no? Don’t we all not need a little CHEER, and since Christmas typically comes with that, why not? Two birds, one stone, and egg nog. Lots of egg nog, non-alcoholic kind for me, actually no, nevermind. there’s really no reason to like just regular egg nog, sans the rum, says Rham: Ney. I mean, it’s EGG and some sort of NOG… the hell is NOG? Where was I? Derailed again. So early you say? Ha! I took the leap before sitting down to type. Yep. Quite a bit before actually. so, relax. I’ve got this all under control. See, where I was headed was…. Christmas and talking Christmas on October 1, which by my clock and calendar is on or about today ish, so let’s chat. As the newly self-appointed Director of Fun at The Bakery District, I hope to continue to bring fun wherever I go, wherever I am. Fun. All around, and Christmas fun?? GET OUTTA HERE! BRING IT! I don’t know at what level I will be bringing the Christmas fun this year, but it’s feeling like it’s going to be pretty aggressive, all in, all the time type stuff…. ‘member?? So I invite you ride along, tag along, follow along, PARTICIPATE IN THE FUN. Winter is coming. Are you ready?