Captain Log, 9-18 ish Good Enough

Good Morning Friends! – Your Captain, Director of Fun, [insert what you want to call me here], and LOVER OF LIFE, and Fort Smith OUT LOUD Rham Cunningham. This week brings up a question that I’ve not put a great deal of thought into yet, but it’s coming. It pertains to being GOOD or being GOOD ENOUGH.

I’ll let you think on that a sec… What are you GOOD at? What are you GOOD ENOUGH at? Seems like a pretty straight-forward question, but the answer can be tricky, especially if at the end of the day you actually don’t know. There’s no wrong or right answer and the one you make or choose to take really should be about you and your goals and what-not (here we go again with the what-not…) Let me try to give an example, simply put, words at a minimum, less than 9 sentence fragments, and commas, well, you know me and commas, and so, you’re just gonna have to deal… Let’s try this: I make a mean batch of salsa. Fresh garden tomatoes, a can of whole tomatoes, a can of hot Rotel, hot peppers, salt, pepper, and garlic salt (there – secrets out!!) It’s good. In fact, it’s really good. So good that I could not make it taste better, because it’s just right. It’s good. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it…’member??? See, I don’t need to sharpen my salsa making skills. Why? Because my salsa is good….enough for me and those who eat it regularly so I’m staying the course, with no end goal of winning any sort of salsa making competition. I’m good with that if you are. Wait. I’m good with that…So, what? I’m saying my salsa is GOOD or GOOD ENOUGH? Both? Both GOOD and GOOD ENOUGH? Ya. Seems like my recipe. Next, let’s take this crazy game that’s taken over a small little section of my head-brain lately but has brought the level of FUN to an all-time high… CORNHOLE. I’m good. ish.. Good enough to win on a regional or National scale? Not just NOT good enough, but more importantly my passions will never drive me to the sole ownership of being GOOD, or that GOOD. So, for me, in this particular instance, I’m good enough, and I’m good with that!

So where was I going with this? Do you really think I have the slightest? How many times how you found yourself swirling your way through my rabbit hole of words and typos in hopes of discovering something meaningful or thought-provoking, or heck, maybe funny, only for it to end, like a dead end street….BUT ONE WHERE YOUR FRIENDS LIVE and you play in that cul-de-sac (that you didn’t even know what meant until like 23-24 years old…) and you play and play and play and finally….

Look – Here’s the deal – You can choose to be good. Yes, that’s a choice. You can also choose to be good enough. But, just make sure you know who you’re doing it for.

See what I did there?

(This completes the section of “end as many sentences with prepositions as you can so to drive your grammar friends batty.)

Things to do hot and heavy as always and in the middle of the action, you guessed it, The Bakery District with live music, events, all-day entertainment, ALL DAY FUN. Ya, it’s my spot and I invite you down. But, don’t forget the Chaffee Crossing Farmers and Artisans Market going on Saturday. Lorie and her team do a really incredible job and it’s always a fun time. Weather looks great – so great in fact, prime conditions for loving ALL of Fort Smith OUT LOUD! Until I see ya again –

This is Rham Cunningham,

DOFO, out.