Rham’s Rhamblings ARCHIVE

Rham’s Rhambling ARCHIVE Here are the complete works of Rham’s mind. Okay, no, not accurate. No chance it’s complete. RPast excerpts from “Rham’s Rhamblings” and much more to wrap your head around, Click Here

Sad Daddy comes to AACL

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Artist, Audience & Community Live!  PRESENTS Sad Daddy Thursday, January 5, 2023 Each of the Sad Daddy band members sing lead and write original tunes, and their sound is truly a mix of American Roots music. From early blues, jazz and jug bands to country, folk, and bluegrass, to soul and funk, they combine many […]

Parrot Island Waterpark to host Healthcare Workers Day

Fort Smith, Ark – July 25, 2022 – Parrot Island Waterpark in Fort Smith, AR is hosting their first ever Healthcare Workers Day on Saturday, July 30th from 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. This all-day celebration recognizes the hard work and dedication of area healthcare workers. Anyone working in the healthcare industry will receive free […]

Rham’s rough draft for the Bookish Poetry Slam January 7, 2022

Well well well a brand new year. Another trip around the Sun without a drop of beer or wine or liquor — one year and, almost 6 months, alcohol free- at last, and I’ve never felt more intoxicated! I was bitten by the bug of booze, barely believed beer was bad, but, BOY, it was […]

Rhamdom words, limited what-nots, and un-groked concetps

  December 3, 2021 Rhamdom words, limited what-nots, and un-groked concepts Santa is coming to town. Been made privy to this info, by my guess, for at least 40 years now, assuming that memory recollection started around age 2. Now, one would think knowing this kind of intel would give one a leg up, a […]

Last week of November 2021

The last week of November and the night all bags broke loose We’ve reached the end of another month. November. It’s one of my top 12 favorite months of the year. Probably because it’s so ‘fally’ outside, leaves changing, cooler temperatures, the start of fire pit season, oh, it’s my birthday month. Yes, 11/23…(that’s Tuesday […]

Rham’s Captain’s Log, November 5th, 2021

Day 5 into November of 2021, and here I sit, in my new office, the “Rham Cave” aka “DOFO Dojo.” It’s quiet. There are no windows. Little to distract, one might say, unless that ONE really knows me, more specifically knows me and distraction and how we dance hand in hand no matter the setting, […]

Rhamdom Notes from the Captain, Director, First of October ish 2021

Thinking Christmas thoughts on October 1st is far from abnormal, in fact I’d argue, is quite welcome in such times, no? Don’t we all not need a little CHEER, and since Christmas typically comes with that, why not? Two birds, one stone, and egg nog. Lots of egg nog, non-alcoholic kind for me, actually no, […]

Captain Log, 9-18 ish Good Enough

Good Morning Friends! – Your Captain, Director of Fun, [insert what you want to call me here], and LOVER OF LIFE, and Fort Smith OUT LOUD Rham Cunningham. This week brings up a question that I’ve not put a great deal of thought into yet, but it’s coming. It pertains to being GOOD or being GOOD […]