“Things to do in Fort Smith” (TTDIFS) is the central online hub for all things to do in Fort Smith and areas surrounding Fort Smith and the River Valley. If it’s entertainment, and it’s fun, we have it covered! Click Here to see our guidelines to submitting an event.) This website is a place to truly find THINGS TO DO. The mathematical equation that went in to determining just what “things” show up on our event calendar and featured event section is quite mind boggling, but know that if it shows up, then it’s relevant to our purpose for this website. But, perhaps there’s something we missed? That’s where you come in. By submitting your event here (along with emailing any artwork, logos, etc to [email protected]) we will review and post if it meets our qualifications. We hope you enjoy the site. The next time you hear someone say, “there’s nothing to do in this town….” Have them talk to us!


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