Rham’s Captain’s Log, November 5th, 2021

Day 5 into November of 2021, and here I sit, in my new office, the “Rham Cave” aka “DOFO Dojo.” It’s quiet. There are no windows. Little to distract, one might say, unless that ONE really knows me, more specifically knows me and distraction and how we dance hand in hand no matter the setting, this is no different. Well, maybe it’s a little different. The classical piano music playing lightly in the background as I bear-crawl my digits over the keys, with ease, with a smile on my face. Ok. Ya, maybe this is different. This is my Dojo. It’s not complete. Still need to add some furniture and I’m certain more picutes of Sophie, but for right now, in this moment, this is my favorite spot. I have many favorites spots. All over the place, really. At home, at work at The Bakery, secret pockets and tunnels and trees and nooks and crannys, (especially the crannys), and cracks… I find cracks to stare at and also 27 feet….after all, if there’s not room to toss some bags, what’s the use? Ha! But really, I like to find little quiet spots around town, Downtown, at Ben Geren/Chaffee…we really have some cool places to just….just sit, relax, unwind, re-boot. Find your spot. If you need help, ask me – I have plenty of recommendatons for you. (Get a bike if you don’t have one already – some places easier and for sure quicker, to just ride there.)

Lots on the calendar as we’ve been given a tast of winter weather this past week and a half. Not sure I’m ready for it, but no one asked me. Live music on the Patio all weekend at the Bakery, and all throughout Downtown this weekend – Get Out and LOVE FORT SMITH OUT LOUD. It’s fun, it’s refreshing, it’s what the cool kids are doing!

Cool Kid,

Director of Fun,

Team Captain of Community,