Friday August 27 2021 So Long, Farewell ish

As I draw this weeks word bath, dip my toe into the, ah! too hot, ah! too cold, AHHHH just right “water” I call my vocabulary, the thoughts that are racing through my mind are far too scattered to be able to even begin to fill a screen, so instead I just lay here, in […]

Fort Smith National Historic Site prepares for installation of new flagpole

National Park Service News Release For Immediate Release: August 24, 2021 Contact: Lisa Frost, 479-769-0667 Fort Smith, AR — The replica Garrison flagpole in the center of the parade grounds at Fort Smith NHS, that was installed in the early 1980’s, is planning to be replaced next week with a new reproduction of the original […]

Rham’s Rhamblings: a Captain’s Log Worth It? Day 377

Day 377 – The weather is cloudy, windy, sun is acting all partly today. Spirits at an all-time high. Saying that drinking alcohol as much as I did for as long as I did was worth it, just for that feeling I’m having right now at this very typing moment, may sound asinine to some, […]

Captain’s Log, August 6, 2021 College Bound!

Greetings friends – it’s your Captain. Another busy week coming to a close and a busy weekend on deck. Busier than I had anticipated in fact, but, that’s my life. I got a call late in the week from a young man that isn’t my own, well, in the sense of the blood and the flesh, but […]

“First to Slide” contest winner to take the first plunge

Fort Smith, Ark – Aug 3, 2021 – A youngster from Mansfield has won the opportunity to be the first official guest to experience the new Ohana Highway tube slide at Parrot Island Waterpark. Colt Allbritton’s video was selected as the winner of the first to slide contest. Park officials announced the “First to Slide” […]

Rham’s Captain’s Log, Final Days of my last first

Seems like a dark title. It’s really not. It’s one for me to easily Google in 10 years and find words from myself 10 years prior and remember, “oh ya, I ‘member that time in my life.” That’s what I’ve done a great deal of these past (well, at  the moment I am writing these […]

Rham’s Captain’s Log – Not Much to Say, No Really

Rham’s Captain’s Log Friday July 23, 2021 Unlike most weeks, this week I ain’t got much to say. Well, that’s not really true, but sometimes I like to pretend that I can sit and be quiet for 10 minutes. We all know I can’t do that, but I put in a solid 2-5 minutes every 7 […]

Rham’s Captain’s Log, 7-16-21

Hello and good day, it’s your Captain, behind the wheel of a MacBook keyboard steered directly towards trying to pin down a topic for the week. Some weeks it’s like this. Not really sure what words to put down, so, sometimes I close my eyes, take a deep breath, and just let my lil’ phalanges, […]

Rham’s Captain’s Log, 7-9-21, 7-31

7/31 Greetings, friends It’s your Captain! I know. The title. It’s not today’s date (unless you’re actually reading this on 7/31, and who knows maybe you are,) but it’s the number we’ll be focusing on this week’s Captain’s Log, and I’m sure a number I’ll mention a time or two leading up to 7/31. (We’ll […]