You haven’t a Clue, or perhaps you do – Rham’s Captain’s Log September 8-10 ish 2021

Good day to all! Too early to state such a claim on a prize not yet attained? Ah, or perhaps it’s too late, the day is over, and maybe it wasn’t a good day after-all? In that case, in any case….IN ALL THE CASES: just keep reading, because I’ve found that if one stops mid-way in one of my random rationalizations of the irrational, confusion sets in, leg cramps, a craving for pickle pops – not great, but, manageable. But, you haven’t a Clue, do you? Or perhaps you do? Me either.


It was a busy week in the salt mines, with each new day taking me to a new mine to mine, new salts to see. But I ain’t got a pick or shovel handy, so today we’re just gonna get our hands dirty. That’s therapeutic, ya know?


I’ve “been busy. Seems a pretty standard response to “how ya been?”

  • Oh, BEEN BUSY.
  • Just keepin’ busy.
  • Tryin to keep busy.
  • I’ve been okay.
  • I’m good.
  • I’m great!
  • Oh, you know… 

….No. I don’t, but more importantly, I don’t want to know. The question was absolutely rhetorical and makes me realize what dire need we are in basic chit-chat 1 on 1, and well, seems to me I’m the guy to do just that, so…

Irons in the fire, full plates and pots and cups that runners over into world of unimaginable opportunities placed strategically in front of life’s obstacles and what-not with the what-not being what you need to pay most attention to. For the what-not is what fills the void of times that isn’t dedicated to that of “working” for a “paycheck” to “pay the bills” …No, what-not finds you on your bike or running or reading or thinking or drinking or doing just about anything that, you hope, brings you joy, but if not, you find quite manageable. The what-not might not include all of the things you desire maybe because of money, but hopefully NOT likely is just your will power to get up and get out and get what you want, when you want it, how you want it… ah, medium rare kind of guy I am, I like some red, a little blood won’t kill ya. 

My what-nots lately have been a plethora of 1111’s the likes I’ve never quite seen in my entire existence. It’s fascinating, mind-boggling, brain numbing, and indeed been the driving force for my current state of my mental health, which sits prominently at a 62.7%, a percentage on a scale I made up and adjust accordingly, you know, to make it easier and what-not. Ha! There it is again! So what? 

and for your first CLUE… Things to do on a rampage as it circulates throughout our city like

a virus we WANT to catch, a cold we hope to come down with, and (insert any other cliche phrase pertaining to the catching of something worth catching… and that would be……FUN! It was exciting to read about the upcoming performance schedule at the Fort Smith Little Theatre, with the first production in over 2 years takes to the stage this month! CLICK SPOTLIGHT NEWSLETTER TO READ ALL ABOUT IT! I miss FSLT. I was feeling real nostaligic when I started to write about this but then, alas, that damn squirrel ran across the yard, and, well, you know. Tons of “things to do” coming up – below a small taste. Have a great weekend – get out there and do something nice for someone today – MAKE SOMEONE SMILE (Its contagious..) and if you love Fort Smith, Love Fort Smith Out Loud… See ya at The Bakery District. I’ll be around.