Things to do…just south of Fort Smith

About an hour and a half south of the big city of Fort Smith, near the community of Mena, AR, is a wide variety of outdoor adventures for the wild or the mild. From mountain bike and hiking trails, ATV trails, rivers for kayaking or canoeing, the Ouachita Mountains are a short drive from Fort Smith and can offer a full weekend of fun. CUE FIRST HIKE OF 2014…

When we approached our friends Randy and Shannon, sufficient links were provided to give them an online taste of what this weekend would offer. How many miles, elevation changes, number of creek crossings, etc…The fact they didn’t take advantage of the resources I provided is no fault of mine. But, after it was all said and done, it was an adventure that perhaps they won’t tackle again, but at least there’s a story. A almost 13 mile loop through the Caney Creek and Buckeye Trails brought about spectacular views, some rocky terrain and terribly sore muscles the days that followed. If you’re not a regular hiker, or have never hiked in your life, maybe this isn’t one for your inaugural run. But, if you’re not scared of a challenge…LOAD UP and head south!