The BEST Party in Town Re-cap From Anna

Warm jazz filled the air as Fort Smith’s elite danced into the purple and green lights that sprayed off each wildly decorated table at the Fort Smith Museum of History Mardi Gras party last Friday night in the Immaculate Conception Hall.  As guests fluttered between tables calling out to friends, the festivities began.  First scantily dressed women enticed party-goers to take a chance to win extravagant items while an upright bass guitar and a saxophone filled the hall.  Then the live auction!  Such winnings! Exquisite paintings, get-a-way trips, and fabulous overnight adventures went to the highest bidders.  When the bidding excitement came to a close, party people were brought to one end of the hall for a taste of Cajun delicacies to be reviled only  by New Orleans herself.  After the delicacies were ravenously consumed, music by another local band penetrated the air causing party-goers to jump to their feet to shed the calories recently wolfed down.  The night ends and jovial night-owls drive to their homes, I am reminded of a childhood story – with a girl, a pumpkin, and a glass slipper.  Leisa and the Museum Board and Staff blessed this Cindergal with dreams of next year’s party.

-Freelance Blog Writer/Fun Haver/Party Goer Anna Schodowski

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