Rham’s rough draft for the Bookish Poetry Slam January 7, 2022

Well well well a brand new year. Another trip around the Sun without a drop of beer or wine or liquor — one year and, almost 6 months, alcohol free- at last, and I’ve never felt more intoxicated!

I was bitten by the bug of booze, barely believed beer was bad, but, BOY, it was bitch, believe you me, but, because brains and breathing, I became the bastard son of booze, said bye bye. I’m boasting.

No really, the feeling of being sober now gives me that bulletproof and no bullshit warm and fuzzy that I once thought could only be found at the bottom of bottle of Jack DANIELS or inside one of those lil miller highlife

ponies .. oh so cute.  Shoot. Now I’m thinking about alcohol again. Every day. Day at a time.