Rham’s Rhamblings 5-18-2021

Tuesday, May 18th and it’s probably going to rain and of course my top is off as I continue to two-step with this spring rain dance, from one covered awning (sometimes in front of houses of folks I hope aren’t home) to abandoned gas stations, one after another, posting up in some for 30 minutes or more, before taking off again and following the radar, so to miss other pending showers surely on their way, because it’s May. Because it’s Arkansas…. It’s a real dance. Well, it’s a real shit show honestly, but it keeps me busy and not bored. I don’t recommend it. You’ll get caught one day, with your pants down, as the saying goes, but in this case it’s with your top off and no cover in site. What do you do? Have you ever asked someone who rides a motorcycle what they do when it rains? What do they say? YOU GET WET. Pretty standard, rain, water, motorcycle, wet….same applies for a topless Jeep too, turns out, except in the topless Jeep you’re likely to have valuable equipment, groceries, perhaps your dry cleaning, on occasion 6 year old…you never really know, ya know, and all that too is subject to getting wet, which SEEMS TO ME makes it worse, see, so…..so….I don’t know. I’ll figure it out. I could go on with how I’ll do this but honestly I’m getting bored just thinking about it, but mainly because I’m staring out the window at my topless Jeep and the bottom is about to fall out of the sky.






Outstanding …