Rham’s Captain’s Log, May 14, 2021

Friday May 15, 2021

Good day, friends. It’s your Captain speaking, typing, thinking, sometimes typing before thinking, and yet at times, thinking and simply forgetting to type (those are the magic moments I hope to one day be able to recollect.) It’s a daily struggle. It’s what makes things fun.

I’ve fought it, slept on it, pontificated over it good number of hours, and even prayed about it (God said he’s cool with odd requests like this as he gets them from me fairly often.) But at the end of my journey, my pilgrimage to seek answers, it’s settled. The game is called Cornhole and as much as I fight the fact that I’m a southern white male living in the south playing a game sometimes in a field turns out, and calling that game Cornhole does tend to eat at me, but turns out I like corn so I’ve justified the always and forever sophomoric humor that will inevitably haunt this wonderful game of skill, competitiveness and FUN! And as much as I fight saying this next statement as it makes me dry heave, “it is what it is” but, Cornhole’s the name, throwing bags in a hole’s the game…and I like it…a lot…and you would too if you’ve never played. Give it a shot. Simple as that. Now, not to confuse the reader, but simply for clarification, yes, there is a game called Baggo. This game essentially the same as Cornhole, but the throwing distance is less and the boards are typically plastic, opposed to the solid wood and smoothness of a (good) Cornhole board (which if you’re in the market by the way for a set or two, hit up Josh Mode, Mode’s Cornhole Boards and More (918) 839-9483!) …..I’ll continue… Now, agreed, Baggo offers us an alternative name to Cornhole, certainly one a little less…cornhole’y…and it’s named rightly so, as you do indeed are throwing “bags” (perhaps at one time or another filled with corn…but, then…technology happened, and so not to be perceived and mere apes throwing food, we replaced the corn in the bags with …hell, I don’t know what exactly, but it ain’t corn, but regardless they started calling the game Cornhole, then if you’re my age or abouts you start remembering the Great Cornholio from a classic Beavis and Butthead episode….then from there, well… Cornhole… then you

So there, now you know… Baggo vs. Cornhole. Now, to be open, I made a small run at changing the entire game itself to Baggo (as I have found that the majority of people resort to calling it Baggo because it’s just easier and everyone is a 3rd grader and this avoids any unnecessary uncomfortableness when in the publics….and then there’s that whole “Bags at the Bakery” …how on earth would that sound?? HARD EYE ROLL…. ) I even gave “Bag-Hole” a shot…no go. One day I was browsing channels and ran across the ACL (American Cornhole League) on ESPN I was sold. This is a real sport, with real good players, and solid following, and it’s called Cornhole! (The origin of Cornhole.) 

So, all that being said, I love the sport, yes sport, and I’m certain you would too, young or old, and I invite you down to play with us on Wednesday nights at The Bakery District in Downtown Fort Smith! We have a BLAST and it’s just $5 to play (and you’re guaranteed at least 5 games!)  Click here to pre-register for Wednesday night, May 19th Cornhole at The Bakery District. Tell ya what, if you come and DON’T have fun, I’ll give you your $5 back!! THAT’S how confident I am 🙂

Great weekend ahead – weather looking cooperative and spring-ish. Speaking of, lordy-be-gordy how long is spring going to last?? Seriously longest in history feels like. Bring it summer, I’m ready to sweat and swim and ride my bike and sweat…..and PLAY CORNHOLE! Until next week, keep a positive spin on life. If you feel a change is needed in your life, step up. Don’t just talk it, walk it, OUT LOUD. We’re all in this together, right? Reach out to someone if you need to talk….and for the love of all things, if you love Fort Smith, LOVE ALL OF FORT SMITH OUT LOUD!!