Captain’s Log, April 20, 2021

Happy 4/20 …Cheers! Or? Toke!? Not sure the battle cry, but rally if it’s you, and as for me and my house we understand that God made pot, man made beer, and best I recollect, I trust God, I do, always will, but then that begs the question, but didn’t God also make man who then made beer, probably while smoking the pot that God…see? Gives a feller a migraine, so just chill, take a puff.

When you walk into your office and your hyper-sensitive nose catches a whiff of what you think certain is cat pee, and the investigation leads you directly to your own trash can with old food in it, you realize, you’re not perfect. You make mistakes. You own those mistakes, take out the trash, and start with a new bag, and go about your day. You remember the mistakes of yesterday, and how you meant to get around to taking out the trash but just never did, or just said “I’ll do it tomorrow.”

…and tomorrow hath come with fury.

How was I to know the mixture of an Arby’s fish sandwich, fries, an empty pudding cup and the crust of a personal pan pizza from Godfather’s would merge to create a smell that has haunted my nose hairs for decades….the horrid smell of cat pee!

I did not know this. I now know this.

I’m 41. Still learning. Still growing.