Captain’s Log, April 23, 2021

We all need a mental health day.

…and when the request is granted, you take it and make the most of it! Hello, friends, it’s your Captain speaking, fresh off my “mental health day” 2021, part 1, episode 1, season 33, because this wasn’t the first or will be the last time I will take a day such as this. In the past, I may have called it by a different name, perhaps “sick” was the easy way out, but really you aren’t sick in the sense of in pain or throwing up or running fever… heck no! That’s so 2017. Mental Health Day means a day for you, for yourself, to rest, to reflect, to play, to de-stress from whatever situation or situations that are weighing heavily on you, and let them go, press pause, shelve it if you will, for just a day, perhaps just a few hours maybe just a few minutes…whatever it takes, there’s no blueprint. The objective, come out on the other side refreshed, relaxed, rejuvenated, and….and…really wanting another mental health day but duty calls. Ya, it’s nice to step away from the noise, even for just a moment. This is something I am desperately trying to learn to do more of in my, um, older age. So, I took a Mental Health Day. To not go into specifics, as to bore you with the path that led or should say one of which that leads one into a state on needing said mental health day but just know it has to do with children, one children to be specific, and the one whom I love for all my heart….so, with that kind of pressure, you can imagine its mental impact…and and what-not. But for whatever reason or reasons of my choosing this particular time for this particular day fit me like a wool sock, and turns out it was cold so it was nice. Today, my feelings are to simply express to you that sometimes, more times than you probably think you should, need to take a moment for yourself. Maybe it’s not easy, I don’t know you, but just consider it. Truth be told it works for me about 61% of the time, so, not really got the formula quite licked. Anyone have anything, throw my way.

Lots to see on the “things to do” calendar – events listed below, stretching all the way through the summer, more and more added every single day! (In need of an intern who would like to help with posting events for us. Inquire…somewhere. I’m easy to find.)Rham-out-loud-fort-smith Wednesday Night Cornhole at The Bakery District has really taken off and we’re excited to see where it leads. There’s one thing for certain – people are ready to get out and are looking for THINGS TO DO and The Bakery District is really bringing the heat, and speaking of, as it warms up, even MORE is coming! Monday Night trivia, Tuesday night comedy, Wednesday night corn hole, and the list grows from there with wine tasting nights, fundraising events, and more.. Great spot, Fort Smith. Really great spot. Get up and GET OUT THERE, and scream it loud and proud if you can (and if you happen to have a microphone great I have an extra should you need to borrow) LOVE ALL OF FORT SMITH OUT LOUD!!

Rham Out Loud podcast episode 423-2021 “We All Need a Mental Health Day.”