Rham’s Rhamblings: a Captain’s Log Worth It? Day 377

Day 377 – The weather is cloudy, windy, sun is acting all partly today. Spirits at an all-time high.

Saying that drinking alcohol as much as I did for as long as I did was worth it, just for that feeling I’m having right now at this very typing moment, may sound asinine to some, me too some, but not too much. See, it’s the “stove touching game ON POINT” with this one, however I DO NOT recommend downloading my blueprints and using it to build your road to recovery, from any sort of addiction, alcohol or too many Werther’s Originals (dang I like those… the chewy ones. My goodness) where was I? Ah yes, that feeling I got. Oh what a feeling! Oh, and also on not using my  journey as your guide. It’s on you to draw up those plans my friends, BUT, don’t go at it alone. “Wait, but Rham. Isn’t this the equivalent to a solid black cast iron skillet or some sort of pot that you put on the STOVE, that’s no doubt BLACK from both the elements that make that particular pot is made from, plus the fire that engulfs it it’s lit, ……to then turning around, sudden like, on a dime some might say, and proclaiming, in an almost accusatory manner, that the neighboring KETTLE is also BLACK, just as you, the POT?”


Was that a question? Um, yes and the answer is……. I didn’t trudge down this path alone. Sure, perhaps in some ways unconventional, but seriously. what’s conventional anyway? I did it the only way I knew how, which, turns out is one day at a time, (yay for Pinterest quotes printed on canvas) and thus far, all good up in here! But I know that paths will change over time, the pace will slow down and speed up, and life will always be there to LIFE you right up the LIFE. And when you feel all LIFE’d up and your world is just royally LIFE’d… just know, that’s life. I know that’s not the end-all phrase to get you through the day, but today it’s mine so I thought I’d share. But, at the end of the day, I know the importance of having a tribe; having people in your corner, rooting for you, cheering you on as you continue the race only to discover it’s not a race at all. I mean, I guess it can be race and the winner gets showered in champagne at the finish line and everyone holds you up and carries you… cheers, yay and love and you did it….. YOU WON!!!! ….

But the “race” continues. You realize you just won a heat, heck maybe that was just qualifying, but maybe that puts you a good spot when the next heat starts, but you know it doesn’t guarantee victory, but maybe YOU THINK based on your performance of the previous race you’d be right up there in pole position for the next race!! Nope. Not even close. Still work to do. Drivers start your engines. But, go in it to win it.


Vroom! Things to do hot and heavy as suspected – take a quick gander below. Connect with me on Instagram and my new public profile on Facebook for updates on tons of cool stuff coming our way. Don’t even get me started about the Bakery District…No, wait, yes, GET ME STARTED (Stand by.) Spending the weekend with a little 6 year old that will no doubt make me feel 21, and JUST SO TURNS OUT, I ALREADY FEEL 21, so take that LIFE! If you love Fort Smith, love ALL of Fort Smith OUT LOUD – until we meet again, under the stars or the sun or a cool lamp shade.. I’m not picky.