Rham’s Captain’s Log Friday March 12, 2021 Things to do in Fort Smith

Friday, March 12, 2021

What exactly are we saving? Oh, ya, daylight!
Good day to you, friends! This is your Captain Speaking – As we March on, we know spring is coming. Seeing warmer temps, more chances of rain, and DAYLIGHT SAVING TIME IS THIS SUNDAY! Ya, this is your friendly reminder to set those clocks forward on Saturday night before you go to bed. That’s what we do, right? Isn’t that the rule? Adjust the time on that CLOCK you have sitting on your bedside table. Hmm….Curious, who still has an actual CLOCK next to their bed, digital I assume? Who has one that still tick, tick, tick???? Woa! But I would imagine for most of us, Daylight Savings means one hour less sleep (but I say one hour MORE daylight) changing the time on kitchen stove, maybe the microwave and in your vehicle (which if you’re like me, that’s the last one you change, and for some reason it takes several weeks to get around to it….cuz I mean, let’s be honest: don’t we have a PHONE that takes care of All this? Probably Siri behind the curtain, Alexa probably has a hand in there as well. I dunno, who’s to say. But whatever the case may be, I love that “extra hour” and can’t wait for it to get here. More time outside = More happy Rham!

Weekend Shenanigans: Shades of Green
This weekend looks like to me, could be one of those weekends that  starts a chain reaction of “Things To Do” unlike we’ve ever seen ….well, in over a year! Yes, as restrictions are being lifted and more and more people are getting vaccinated, confident levels are on the rise, and suddenly more and more “things to do” start to surface. We are a people who have been locked in for over a year, and we have this yearning, this burning, to get out, stretch our legs, walk, talk, DANCE!! So like a bear out of hibernation, we kick open the front door, step outside, take in a big deep inhale, then realize we still don’t have pants on, haven’t shaved or had a haircut in a hot minute, and well, let’s be honest. You couldn’t do a single sit-up in 2020? Hmm.. I am in that group of wanting to get out and I have been, but selectively, cautiously, safely, and if it’s outside I’m THERE, that’s my bag. But, as I make my rounds, I’m seeing masks starting to come off, and well, I just I pray for our sake that it’s not too early. I realize guidelines are changing, it’s not “required” so to speak, but still, wouldn’t you agree that proper precaution should still be considered, if for nothing else, consideration for those around you…but hey, that’s just the “Good Sam/Rham I Am” in me. You got any of that? Look, I want out of this mask just like you do. I swear. But I’m willing to give it a little more time if that means there will be a better chance for this to not hit us again, so if this makes us safe, or safer, ands all we have to do is wear a mask, well, Okay. We’ve done it a year. Surely we’re used to it by now, right? We’ve found the perfect mask that allows for adequate air flow and easy breathing (umm) one very comfortable to the face, with or without a beard (umm)… and some that look cool!  (Ya! got that one!)

…Where was I? Ah, yes, the weekend!
– The annual Downtown Fort Smith Pub Crawl on Garrison Avenue. Last year was canceled, so saying this event is “2 years in the making” is pretty accurate. I have many great memories of the Pub Crawl over the years. Talk about a platform to “Love Fort Smith Out Loud” … and sometimes LITERALLY a platform! Ha! And a microphone and a beer or two…or so. (*cough*) As I close in on one year no beer (or alcohol of any kind) I’m getting closer to there being no more “this is the first time I’ve done this sober” …but St. Patrick’s Day is one of those dates. So, what does that mean for me this year? Well, first it means that I won’t be drinking that which has the firewater in the cup, but I will help promote this event in any and every way I can. I think it’s a fun event, when folks don’t act a fool, it’s great for Downtown, and IT’S FUN, and I know we all need some fun. So, go forth my friends, responsibly of course, and have one for me. I’ll see your posts and like and share and maybe even Tik Tok an Irish jig in my boxers…who’s to really say, but whatever it is, it will be sober. BOOM! Be safe – wash your hands, wear a mask, have a cold one for me.

What’s Next?
My phone and email and all the ways to connect with me are pinging, dinging, ringing and singing! Calendar filling up faster than a Roadrunner being chased by a coyote. (Now that’s fast!) Stay tuned – lots of fun things to announce and bring you up to speed on in regard to …you guessed it… THINGS TO DO! The Steel Horse Rally, Peacemaker Fest, The Fort Smith International Film Festival, I’m sure something “Unexpected” is in store….the list goes on and on. I look forward to seeing what this great community comes together and creates! (GOT AN IDEA?? LET’S WHITEBOARD!!!) Until next week, keep it positive, do something nice for someone today, you know, the “Good Samaritan Way” (ya, that’s a thing ya know? 😉 …. and if you love Fort Smith, LOVE IT OUT LOUD!