Top 10 Things To Do To Stay Cool In Fort Smith

images….and no, “being yourself” isn’t an answer we’ll accept. Ha! Although the temps this summer have been much cooler than last year (I say that quietly in case Mother Nature is listening), it’s still warm out and we ALL know that the heat will be back in full force sooner than later. So, what do you do to stay cool in the heat of the summer? Need some help? We thought so. Here’s a quick “top 10” that we’ve put together. Maybe there’s something we missed? Comment on the Facebook post on what you would add to the list.

Top 10 Things to Do to Stay Cool This Summer:

1) Spend the day at the Alma Water Park – Yep, it’s just outside of Fort Smith, Family-Friendly and very affordable. Don’t forget theĀ sunscreen!

2) Invade local snow-cone trailer looking for the perfect flavor and the perfect consistency of crushed ice. Enjoy this icy treat under a shade tree.

3) Movies in the Park – When the sun goes down, it’s a perfect time to catch a flick in one of our Fort Smith area parks. Now, if it’s still a little warm out, bring an ice chest full of iced towels to wrap around your neck. Don’t forget the lawn chair!

4) MLK Splash-pad and Spray-ground. What’s better than FREE? Enjoy a day at the park. Starting to get hot? Splish and splash at the splash-pad!

5) The Monkey House (Van Buren or Fort Smith). Enjoy an air-conditioned setting with bounce-around EVERYWHERE! It’s like a birthday party, without having to have a birthday.

6) STRIKE! How about bowling at Midland Family Bowl or Bowling World? Did I mention it’s air-conditioned?

7) Goody’s Frozen Yogurt – (enough said)

8) Take the kids out to the Janet Huckabee Nature Center for a fun day of learning. You can walk around outside, then come in and cool off.

9) CANNONBALL!! Head out to Creekmore Park, home of the largest pool in the area, for some fun in the sun, and a cool pool!

10) Take in a play at any of the areas fine venues! (Fort Smith Little Theatre, YAG, etc)

Now, the fun part. Give us some things YOU DO to stay cool in the summer. Comment here, or on the Facebook. Tell your friends about “things to do” and ALWAYS check back if you ever get bored!