The history of Things To Do, Fort Smith

Hello Friends, it’s your Captain speaking. Something has been brought my attention, something small, something simple, something seemingly insignificant, but the more I thought about it, the more I liked this “something” and now want to make it official…well, at least ish. In 2013 (ish?) together with a friend, I started a Facebook page and called that Facebook page “Things to do in Fort Smith.” It started as a spark from a neigh-sayer who thought Fort Smith was boring, dull, a “black-hole” I think he said at one time… Really chippy fella, I’ll tall ya, but it inspired me to start a something where I could voice my opinion the topic of “there’s nothing to do in this town,” and so the story begins. It was easy for me.. fresh out of radio, already established a voice, just needed a different microphone.  (there’s always a microphone around if you know where to look.) I posted about all the things I did in Fort Smith and the River Valley and anywhere I could easily drive from my house in FORT SMITH, and back to my house in FORT SMITH in the same day… that’s things to do, Fort Smith “in” and “around” (we’ll get into that later…after all it is what this post was intended to be about.) Fort Smith Little Theatre, Fort Smith Symphony, live shows up and down Garrison Ave., ArcBest Performing Arts Center, the Alma Performing Arts Center… We have a mecca of venues around here with unlimited entertainment options… That’s what I believe, that’s what I know. I knew it then, I know it now. But there never was, in my opinion, a very good centralized “voice” of things going on around town. So, I made it mission to try to be “the guy”  in “the know” on “things to do” and I continue down that path today. I’ve expanded my reach and audience through podcasts, videos, and anything I can use to spread the word, the Good word, the fun, the funny, the positive, OUT LOUD for all to hear, or at least loud enough for those interested, not too much for those not ….. (it’s that’s you let’s talk.) My aims to please, for you, yes of course, but also for me, selfish as it may sound, I too like to be privy to the upcoming event calendar of awesomeness. How I yearn for a full calendar of events that prompt push notification after push notification after push notification….oh it sings, the rings and dings…but don’t let me get off track… Wait.


Let’s re-visit what I wanted to share before my head brain sees another squirrel and twist off into,….. So, I’ve decided the drop a very simple word from the name of the business. The word “in” … that’s it! BRILLIANT, HUH???  “Things To Do, Fort Smith” …. ya, I’m talking to you. Talk to me. What am I missing? What would you like to see more of? Don’t miss the fun this weekend at the Chaffee Crossing Farmers and Artisans Marketing coming up this Saturday – May 1st. Lots of fun for the whole family, and fingers crossed for nice weather! (FREE bicycle helmets to the first 40 kids that show up for the community bike ride. Cre8ive Arts Network members will be throwing pottery and doing demos.)

Below that a list of great things to do coming up around our area… it’s THINGS TO DO, FORT SMITH. You love it? I love it. Let’s LOVE ALL OF IT, OUT LOUD!