Star Wars and Tacos and Motorcycles, OH MY! May 7, 2021

Well it’s that week every year where we all unite…and,  I mean ALL of us! It’s a gathering unlike anything you could ever imagine, until you find yourself in that gathering, then you realize, ah heck, we’re all in this together. I’m of course referring to the week we’ve all just been through, and the one leading right up to….what’s that? Do you hear that? Yes, and you will be hearing a lot more of it that RUMBLE this weekend…I’ll get into that in a bit. Yes, this week the Star Wars nerds in all of us, rose again on May the 4th, we then woke early the next morn to greet Cinco de Mayo with open arms ready to be filled with margaritas and tacos …I mean, there’s probably an official Mexican celebration of some sort to recognize something on May 5th (CINCO DE MAYO–if only there was some sort of search box where I could type in a question and the answer would appear…. ) Anyway, we love sending our Feliz Cinco de Mayo well wishes all over the place, and it makes us feel good for celebrating a heritage that of which we may or may not belong, all in the name of fun of course! Also, tacos and tequila …..and now…..this weekend, THE STEEL HORSE RALLY! See, that covers a lot of us and many of us cross platforms (Come on, I know I got some hard ridin’ Harley friends geeked-out on Star Wars out there… fess up. Come on. It’s cool.) Yes the Steel Horse Rally rumbles through the ENTIRE River Valley (Fri./Sat.) and across the river, Van Buren is taking on the second half of the weekend (Sat./Sun.) with their Steampunk Festival.

A great weekend to get out there and support your community, get some sunshine, straddle bike if that’s you, enjoy some music, great food, drink (with “Entertainment District” rules a play….that means there are designated areas you can carry an alcoholic drink, in a cup, outside! Watch for signs to make sure you’re in the right area and enjoy yourself!) I’ll be making my way Downtown for sure and across the river…have you seen Historic Downtown Van Buren lately? Wow! Now, I’m not a motorcycle rider myself, but I do look forward to all that surrounds the rally as well as the festivities surrounding the Steampunk fest, both I’m sure, to include some good grub and some good tunes!

Until next week, this is your Captain signing off. If you love Fort Smith, Love ALL of Fort Smith Out Loud! I’ll be out there doing just that if you’re looking for me, and also, probably playing “pop-up” cornhole. (Speaking of if you’re reading this on Friday May 7, I’ll be at the Convention Center all day for the Chamber Business Expo. I’ll have the boards set up – come toss some bags with me!