Rham’s Captain’s Log Notes, Not at Sea, Day 160

Ya, I Googled it. “What day of the year is June 9” (that’s the day when these words in particular made their way to the surface in a frantic race to see who gets on to the screen first, only to discover that I have the ability to STOP at a moments notice, switch gears, and just leave you ….   ) So, 160 days into this Year of our Lord 2021 and I can’t help but think of “this time last year.”  Are you doing that? Realizing “this time last year” was pretty far from where we are now? I know I’m very far from where I was one year ago today. In fact, so far, my journey down the path of recollecting just what was going on a year ago makes me kind of sad and happy at the same time. You know, I find the older I get that everything I do in life is sort like an emotional rollercoaster? Cornhole is a prime example. Just take a single game – did you know one can experience a wide array of feelings and emotions, some you really don’t think you should be having while playing a game, while having fun with your friends, but feelings nonetheless, and sometimes enough to affect your game, your throw, your focus; you have to learn to get a grip. I’ve not mastered it, or the game of Cornhole for that matter. Same with golf. Emotions are on edge there too and I’ve certainly not mastered it. But maybe that’s okay. Maybe the good ole healthy competition amongst us is what keeps us going and wanting to get better. Okay. I’ll go with that.

But one year ago today, in that doomed dumpster fire of a year we gave the name of “2020” because according to number law, 2020 comes directly after 2019, so not to confuse things, we stayed the course and did what we were supposed to do. But really in hindsight, I wish we would have just extended the year of 2019… did the whole COVID thing (all still in ’19) then when it’s all over, start fresh again, and start with 2020. I always had high hopes for 2020. I’m not talking “Back to the Future” hopes (well, maybe a little) but just because we’re weren’t flying cars around, I still remained hopeful. (Also, side note, EVERY TIME “2020” is mentioned, I always say “This is 2020” in the famed voiced of Ms. Barbara Walters on 2020, but really it’s more like Cheri Oteri on SNL. ….But no, that didn’t happen. 2020, 2020’d us right up the 2020 and told us to like it. I can’t tell you how many times 2020 came up to me trying to start a fight, only to discover that 2020 didn’t fight fair, so I just 2020’d myself right up the counter and said, “2020!!! You can go 2020 yourself.” …..and that’s really all I have to say about that… well, sort of. 2020 off.  Ya, we’ve all got our memories of what this past year did to us. Some awful, terrible, horrible things that’s going to take years of therapy and a cold rag to erase, but because 2020 is a son of a 2020, it sprinkled in some fun, exciting, awesome, life-changing stuff too, you know, so to confuse the issue at hand and what you decide to do with that hand could change the face of life as you know it if you just knew what to do with that hand…so, I decided to put down the bottle (and cans, and koozies, well no, I actually have put a koozie around a Diet Sprite once #notatrigger)  Point is, 2020 was in all sense of the word and how it’s supposed to be used, bittersweet. Bittersweet is one of those words I think everyone can understand. Even youngsters know what bittersweet is, obviously in its literal form, but still, bitter is …bitter. Sweet is …sweet. Strong words right there. But, as we march closer to JULY 31, 2021, two things are going on now: The bitterness is losing ground to the sweetness, but it’s not retreating. No, it’s still hangs around, just enough that the sweeter the sweet, the more bitter you realize bitter really was, and that in and of itself is BITTERSWEET. and b) wait, was there an a)?  Some took 2020 as a time to stop, reflect, relax, rejuvenate, re-boot. Others fell into the groove of “2020” and the accepted excuse of it being “2020” and just got 2020’d up every night and complained about the economy… or whatever, but enjoyed the time off by drinking more, thinking less, and ho hos…lots of ho hos. I took the rO-AD less traveled. I stopped drinking and….and that’s all I guess. Ya, I stopped drinking in 2020, and I think watched some movies or something. Oh ya, and because my mind is like a carnival on crack sometimes, I needed to do things to keep occupied, so, I did. Lots of things. So many things. I’m recollecting on another blank page so to go back and remind myself, but now that I think about it, I’ll just hang my hat on the whole stopping drinking thing.

…that’ll do. If you Love Fort Smith, get up, get out, and LOVE ALL OF FORT SMITH OUT LOUD!