Rham’s Captain’s Log, Notes, and things falling out of the Jeep

I like to drive topless and doorless. It makes me feel like I’m on a motorcycle or something. But a motorcycle with steel safe things things all around it, sort of..and a good sound system. But, if I’m not careful, and fail to to secure everything in the Jeep before taking off, catastrophe surely awaits, as was the case this week when my Monday started with picking up pieces of my Macbook and any

and every power cord and adapter I owned from one side of Rogers Ave. to another because my laptop sat perched high upon Sophie’s booster seat, toppled over after hitting a rather large bump in the road, scattering my things everywhere. The maybe 2 minutes it took me to turn around so I could pick up the pieces, literally felt like 10 minutes. By the time I got to the scene, ALL lanes of traffic were stopped (4 lanes and a turning lane) STOPPED, watching me frantically pick up things, clearly of value to some degree and not because of the WITAF look in my eyes. But, I could only imagine what those in their vehicles might have been saying, witting there watching a man lose his mind gathering an USB to HDI converter cord like it was a joint of the dope…”What the heck,” as Sophie would have said, if she had witnessed the tragedy. But, as I do call it a tragedy, I have replaced the Magic Mouse and am typing these words, on the MacBook that took that LEAP from my Jeep, and the one that just won’t quit….atta girl.