Rham’s Captain’s Log – Not Much to Say, No Really

Rham’s Captain’s Log
Friday July 23, 2021

Unlike most weeks, this week I ain’t got much to say. Well, that’s not really true, but sometimes I like to pretend that I can sit and be quiet for 10 minutes. We all know I can’t do that, but I put in a solid 2-5 minutes every 7 hours thank you very much. It’s a formula I’ve quite perfected, and one I will not teach as it is a learned skill requiring hours…YEARS…of dedicated practice in the art of …..not stopping…not…ever…stopping.


But this week, I pause, ney, slow the pace a bit and reflect on what a great summer it has been thus far, and just because my baby girl went to New York with her mother for several weeks (*note: “several” is just a more delicate way of putting it in my mind..) but this is no reason for me to become distracted with emotion of missing her..NO! This is high time to build, re-build, construct, re-construct. Less focus on that of a 6 year old, and more brain power and focus put on the ability to conjure up big boy thoughts that yield big boy return. So, let’s get to work, I guess is my motivating mantra muttered over and again, on repeat, in my head, spinning ’round like hurricane, it spins me right ’round baby right now… But that’s life. Spinnin’, grinnin’ and winnin’ …one hopes. One hopes the spin isn’t so strong to sling you off of your projected course at any given moment, because as most are all aware the spin can get faster, it can slow down, it however can NEVER stop, both in the sense that it actually, literally, cannot stop, and you, yourself, the me in you, the I in team but in team I, YOU can never stop. Seems like words to me, Rham. Yes indeed, words they are and I love me some words. They get me through life, and for the most part have served me pretty well, ish for sure, I certainly speak a lot of ’em, sometimes in the right order, sometimes at the right times, sometimes too much, sometimes just not quite enough (although that one doesn’t catch up with me all too often.) But, I’ve somehow figured out a way to use my words to help…well, ME. Sounds selfish, maybe it is a little, but if my words make me happy, well, when Rham’s happy…you know the saying.. So, with that I continue on, mic in hand or behind the keyboard, same guy, same amount of words some you just hear, others you just read, maybe out loud? Truth is, the more words I am able to squeeze out here, the less I bring home with me to then allow my wife at least 6 to 8 uninterrupted minutes of telling me words herself….like, her own words, only to be too often cut short because…I had some words and sometimes I can be a child and I want what I want when I want it…also, NOW…ya, I’m exhausting. I’m working on that. #mentalhealth


I hope you grew a little from that little spiel. I know I did. In what direction? Well, I guess that is the question. My nose don’t seem to be longer so I must have spoke truth, but between me you and the wall, I AM excited and there is actually a microphone in my pocket. See where I took that one. Don’t. Exit now. Next one isn’t until after 7/31.. It’s gonna get bumpy between now and then. But in a tickle your bottom bumpy dirt road funny ha ha bumpy kind of way……..ya. I’ll go ahead and see myself to the door.


Excited about a Christmas’y weekend celebrating the holiday with The Clayton House, The Bonneville House, and the Fort Smith Museum of History with a whole weekend of family CHRISTMAS fun! Info attached here and all over the internets.. Get out there and make someone smile today – Love Fort Smith, Love ALL of Fort Smith LOUT LOUD!