Rham’s Captain’s Log, Good Friday, April 2, 2021

Happy Good Friday on this GOOD FRIDAY, it’s your Captain speaking, well typing. What’s so GOOD about it?? Well, I’ll just say that’s it’s been an amazing week, so it’s fitting it ends on a GOOD Friday. I know what Good Friday represents, and have already attended the Maundy Thursday Service, look forward to a nice Good Friday service tonight, and then finishing the weekend with Easter Sunday service. (Yep, us Presbyterians go hard.) So, as we reflect on Good Friday – I like to think of all the Good there is out there, and there’s plenty. But because my mind is a scattered landmine of random synapses firing in war-like fashion at one another strangely enough, I wondered, hmm, is there perhaps anything one should NOT do on Good Friday? One would think, especially on a day like today, one might turn to a higher power to answer such a question, so I did, but I opted for a “less” higher power than the almighty, but only for the purposes of time and sentence structure. (I tend to “rham”ble on when I talk to the Big Man upstairs, so I figured this way we’d get in and out of this Captain’s Log and go about our day. I mean, there’s work to do people! Don’t let me distract you.) ….Where was I? AH!

Things you shouldn’t do on Good Friday (this according to Snopes.com – I know, eye roll, but hey, it’s fun.)

  • Do not handle any nails or iron tools.
  • Do not plant anything or break any ground.
  • Do not wash clothes.
  • Children should not climb tree.
  • Adults should not work on Good Friday.
  • Do not eat or drink anything containing vinegar or nettles.

Okay. Works for me I guess. I wrote this last night (Thursday) so, not working today, Friday, CHECK. I’ll let the laundry sit for a day, no prob, CHECK. But, I do have a hankerin’ for fresh nettles …  Mmmm… (Okay, I also had to Google “nettles” !) But whatever you do today, make sure you do something good and at the end of the day when asked, “what good did you do today?” You’ll know the answer, and it’ll be a good one. Be a Good Sam. It’s fun.

This past week was just incredible. Monday we got a visit here at the Clinic from ARVEST Bank with one of those big checks. (I love those things… even before Happy Gilmore, and I WILL one day do a TikTok video with me walking into a bank trying to cash one. One day…one day!) Then, Tuesday we knocked out over 700 Johnson and Johnson vaccines. What a great feeling that was, and a community-wide demonstration of LOVING Fort Smith Out Loud. Thanks to all who participated, volunteered, (showed up at the end to help me break down tents and stack chairs… Thanks Daniel!) The day was a success. People were respectful and appreciative and now VACCINATED!! I hope we are able to do this again, or even better, have the vaccine available all the time where you can just make an appointment. Fingers crossed.


Another nice weekend ahead. Live music everywhere – things to do around every corner – It just makes me smile. You know what else makes me smile? CORNHOLE (No, not the name, although I admit, it’s not flattering.) But, that’s what it is, CORNHOLE. I called it “Baggo” and even gave “Bag-Hole” a run because, well, you’re throwing “bags” but I won’t argue here. It’s a legit sport, it’s on ESPN, and it’s called CORNHOLE. (There, got that out of my system…) WEDNESDAY NIGHT CORNHOLE AT THE BAKERY DISTRICT is coming!!!! Starts this Wednesday, April 7th. Practice/check-in 5:30, bags in the air 6:15! This is something I’ve played off and on my whole life I guess. A lot of people have. Backyard BBQ’s, tailgate parties, etc. It’s a great game that just about anyone can play. So, it only seemed logical that we bring this game to The Bakery District! Fun for all ages indeed, but also room for some real time bean flickers, iffin’ ya’ll are out there. You know who you are. Spread the word, tell your friends, tell your family, CORNHOLE is happening! The format will be simple, and games will be fair! How? A little thing called a “blind draw” where after everyone has checked in to the event, a fancy computer will generate team pairings at random. So no aces gonna be rollin’ up takin’ ‘the booty every week and goin’ home.. no sir eee! Cost is just $5 and that guarantees you at least 2 games as it will be a double elimination, bracket-style tournament each week. SPOTS ARE LIMITED as we work through all the kinks, and figure out how many games we can play having 4 sets of boards, and trying to wrap up each night by 9:00 PM.  We’ll get it figured out. In the meantime, take out your phone (who am I kidding–you’re reading this FROM your phone aren’t you??!!) Download the Scoreholio app in your assigned app store (iOS or Android), create a free player profile, then run a search for “Cornhole at the Bakery” under upcoming events, pre-register for the event…and that’s it! Then on Wednesday, get to the Bakery, check-in, then you’re ready to toss!!! (You can also register day-of, but I recommend pre-registering.)

So, to review, WEDNESDAY, APRIL 7TH 5:30PM, CORNHOLE AT THE BAKERY DISTRICT – Be there! Come to play or just watch. The Patio Bar will be open, Big Tasty Burger will be grillin’ up some goodness. Fort Smith Coffee Co. is open for those needing a caffeinated boost or something sweet to help you throw. No doubt, it’s the spot. It’s the spot on Monday night for trivia, Tuesday nights for laughs, and now Wednesday nights for throwing bags! Things to do coming in hot…don’t get burned!


That’s it for this week – Hope you have funny sunny weekend (those are the greatest) …  and don’t forget where you hide the eggs! Until next week, do something nice for someone today. Put a smile on YOUR face and watch what it does to the person who sees it, oh, and if you love Fort Smith and the River Valley, or wherever you live… you know the drill: Love it Out Loud!


Rham Cunningham