Rham’s Captain’s Log, Friday May 28, 2021

Friday May 28, 2021
Maybe this is the first time you have ever read a single word I have ever typed, ever. You don’t read. You podcast. You live inside a world of 15 second videos that captivate hours of your day, and that’s only if you WATCH….forget about it if you also upload and post even halfway decent videos to get an even halfway decent response that might give you hopefully a halfway decent following…but for what? Not sure really, but as I tack on the years where I continue to engage in activities that require some sort of action: interesting, intriguing, funny…ish action from me that then gets a response from you that maybe you like what you heard or saw or read and want more of it so then I continue to move from place to place in life (and love) always with a microphone in my hand both metaphorically and actually, no really, in my pocket, a microphone. Your feedback activates a movement in me that encourages me to do more, see more, be more….did I get off topic? Oh, crap…first time reader?? Sorry, hopefully you have been warned, otherwise just enjoy the ride. I’ll try to wrap this one up asap. Unpackin’ takes time and the internets is a huge therapist to tame…anyway, I’ll continue. Where was I? Talking about me? Ha, whooda thunk it. (eye roll)…

I’d say I spend some considerable amount of time on the internets, my guess from the screen of my little bitty iPhone 12 Max because talking on an iPad is stupid and you wish that they’d make a Star Tac again…damn good phone right there. No worries of a delicate screen to shatter. Nope – I’ve duct tapped one to a carnival side ride bungee cord sling shot in a cage type stuff ….oh ya, in tact Star Tac. Apple should consider a phone like the Star Tac that folds and protects the phone. Like a little turtle. Ya, the Apple iTurtle. I’d buy one….again, off topic, my word. Hot mess today. My apologies again. See this week is busy and my mind is all over the map looking for Carmen Sandiego in all the wrong places but mostly at the right time ish but still sometimes feel lost so when I do I write, or type, and the words that are scattered in my head all race for the finger lobe or vein or muscle, whatever, and fight til the end, with swords and blades and any means necessary to get in a word edge-wise, and when they do, the magnificent, sometimes…..and sometimes they just storm the capital and all puke out on the screen at the same time and it comes out that I’m just writing whatever thoughts that come to me. It’s not that simple, but stay with me. If I ride out these moments, knowing full well that each word should have a fair shake in making it to the screen, I get it. I am patient with the process and honestly find it relaxing at times, just sitting back, closing my eyes and just throwing my fingers at the keyboard, willy-nilly seems like when I’m in the zone. Almost like a driverless car. Heck some days I have music playing in the background (today’s it’s some 90’s alt rock jams) … Where is this headed? To a blog. To a podcast. All in hopes that this was interesting, intriguing, funny…ish and want to see or hear or read more of it?

Where’s the mic?

See what I did there? One might think that RIGHT NOW would be a great time to transition into a more relevant topic, perhaps one that is in fact a topic, wouldn’t want to get off topic.. so to stay on topic, how we looking on Things to do, Fort Smith? I’d say swell! But in the 50’s meaning of swell. Some reason I think swell used in the 50’s was the bees knees of catch phrases. If a party was swell, it could have very well been a hum dinger of a party. WOOOO WEEEEE! …….I don’t know what’s happening here, but I actually do but I’m hungry and I need another cup of coffee, so I’ll leave you with this.