Rham’s Captain’s Log Friday March 26, 2021

We thought we all needed therapy, but really we just needed each other. Also, therapy.


This past weekend was magical. Not magical in the sense of witnessing a magical or miraculous act, but rather the seeing and feeling the magic of coming together, doing what us humans love to do, in harmony, in love, in respect; interacting and conversing with one another; playin hard and getting dirty; enjoying a meal together on the back deck with dogs barking, kids screaming, grill smoking, cornhole bags flying, laughter…oh the laughter. The best medicine indeed. This past weekend was a celebration of remembering what we missed so dearly…and that is simply, one another. It was Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter 2020, and July 4 2020 …combined with Easter 2021 all in one epic weekend. Epic indeed. One for the books? Well, aren’t they all? Very little time was spent behind screens (other than us professional photographers and videographers there to capture every moment…that’s important ya know. Don’t worry, I didn’t miss any fun) but the days we spent outside, in nature, on nature, up nature, through nature…ALL THE NATURE. I spent a good portion of my time with the kids, natural, being a 41 year old one myself. Ages spanned from 3 to 11, and all in between…literally I think, lemme count. I was the adventure finder, adventure risk management engineer, adventure test dummy, and finally the guy who traversed a fallen tree extended over a small creek and ravine, no injuries reported, fun level: “BEST DAY EVER” and then was immediately awarded the “BEST UNCLE EVER” award, voted unanimously I might add from a 6 person panel. I’ll take it. Yes, outside does the boy good. Go get you some.

Speaking of sunshine, looks like we may have some to enjoy this weekend. I snuck in some this past week myself, going up the hill on Wednesday to watch the Hogs whip up on Memphis. BEAUTIFUL BASEBALL WEATHER! Not sure what to think about all this national publicity on the quality of our ARKANSAS Athletics! It’s always a good time to be a Hog fan, but sure is sweeter when we’re winning! Lots of watch parties schedule for this weekend as the basketball team takes on Oral Roberts in the Sweet 16 in the NCAA Tournament…first time since 1994!!! Could this be another big year?? (NOT EVEN GOING TO THINK ABOUT IT!) Good luck, Hogs! We’ll be screaming for ya in the Fort! Have a great weekend everyone – do something nice for someone today, and do as I do, (well, not in every case but this one in particular…) if you love Fort Smith…. LOVE FORT SMITH OUT LOUD!