Rham’s Captain’s Log 7 Seasons After Veep

Thursday, June 24, 2021 Finally. I can go back to back to bed at a reasonable hour. A reasonable hour vary from person to person, change with the season, and in this case, changed during 7 seasons of the HBO series VEEP. Yes, I know. I’m way behind, so sayeth you true VEEP’ers out there. I was late to the game with a number of series that I can now say I am glad I was able to be late, because I got all of it. No waiting til next season. No waiting for a new episode to be available on Friday the 21st…NO, ALL OF IT. NOW. JUST PRESS PLAY. I was late to the game to Breaking Bad (5 seasons actually) binged it and finished out the rest with the world. VEEP was different. I watched the pilot a couple of times (maybe not even all the way through) over the course of the last 2-3 years, but I never really WATCHED until a few months ago when my wife finally just turned it on and said “WATCH!.” I was instantly hooked. It was comedy and writing I understood, no doubt about it. Very few shows have caught me like this one (which makes it even more odd that it didn’t catch me the first time…) either way, I was hooked from the moment the script left the page from the mouthes of ….anyone single person in that cast. Incredible scripting read by the only people that could have. I went from disliking characters one moment, to them being my favorite the next! And the words…HAVE MERCY THE WORDS… I’m a guy who loves him some words, and my word, they got ’em. You know the expression, “taking the gloves off” ? Well, I think in the case of VEEP, the writers actually had to put GLOVES ON to dig into the deepest, darkest, smelliest, sickest parts of the mind in hopes that “I hope I didn’t say that out loud” actually DID come out out loud, and on a screen, from another person…to a lot of people. Woa. I can’t at all tell you my favorite lines, characters, scenes, etc…there were so many. I would love a copy of the script, in fact, all the seasons, and my God, the things that didn’t make it. Can’t even imagine. So, HBO, if you read this, that would be cool if you could send me a copy. Have your people get with mine.

As much as I adored this show, at one point I recommended it to my mother, in a text actually, “have you seen VEEP? I think you might like it.” was how the text read … this was season 1 maybe 2 when I sent this text. Funny thing, no reply. At all. Even to this day. But, after I continued watching, listening, pausing so I could laugh and not miss anything, rewinding…I concluded maybe Mom had watched some, perhaps the episode I just watched that I won’t explain here because, sensitive readers are probably on board the ship today and let’s try and keep the boat steady… but if she had seen, nay, heard what I had just heard, what conversation would have then followed. Let’s go a step further and say that I was sitting on the couch watching VEEP with my Mother….would I pause and laugh? I would probably say that no, I would uncomfortably change it to Schitt’s Creek and hope Dad doesn’t walk in on a scene with David & Patrick…Anyway, point is, nah, maybe Mom wouldn’t like. Maybe my level of humor is …different…than others? Or maybe I’m not too far off from where you’re sittin’ and I don’t know about you but from my vantage point, things are lookin’ mighty good out there. It’s good to laugh. The best medicine indeed. Oh, and 1111 is real and I am seeing it every day. Breathing it. Sharing it…..but this post is about VEEP and how much I loved the show and am now little sad it’s over, but I do look forward to putting my head on the pillow prior to 10PM now…(yes, because I’m an old man.)


Thanks for the good laughs, VEEP


Captain Out,


PS. Selina (I mean, I know it’s Julia, but I’ve just spent 7 seasons in bed with …Selina…well, actually recliner if I’m truthful. But, Selina is the name I know and whom I address these words to now:



…..ah…. nervous ….



I got nothing. For real though, really great work. If you’re ever in Fort Smith, AR, let’s grab a coffee.