Rham’s Captain’s Log, 7-16-21

Hello and good day, it’s your Captain, behind the wheel of a MacBook keyboard steered directly towards trying to pin down a topic for the week. Some weeks it’s like this. Not really sure what words to put down, so, sometimes I close my eyes, take a deep breath, and just let my lil’ phalanges, flip, and flop, and bounce and hop and see what comes of it. Yes, that’s it!!!!  “What comes of it?” … that’s the topic! That’s……and nope. Gone. Blip. Buffer. Brief moment of being lost in the nothing. Move along. We got work to do.

This week was a busy one for the Captain. Most are. I spend my early mornings reflecting, meditating, calming my mind, body, and soul…and after 45 seconds of that…BOOM! Ready for the day! My days I spend in the Captain’s Corner” as I call it, and no, I’m not in the “corner” because I’m in trouble. It’s a nice office, corner, window, parking literally outside my door. It’s sort of like one of those old motels where you can back your door right up to the entrance…except it’s way cooler than “Super 8″ or Motel 6” or “Capital One” …wait, may be crossing brands, regardless, it’s a really great place to work and I look forward to it every day. Yes,  I LOOK FORWARD to coming to work every day. We’ll get into that in another round of words. Monday was trivia, Tuesday was music bingo, Wednesday was Cornhole, so, my evenings were spent in Downtown Fort Smith in that place I love to be OUT LOUD about, and am all the chances I get…. The Bakery District! It’s a happening spot, and as the #DOFO (Director of Fun Operations–self titled, unofficially officially official. What’s it mean? It means I direct fun. Like a play or a movie, but it’s all the fun, all the time, in the coolest spot in town. What can I say… it’s my indoor backyard. “Come see what’s cookin’ at the Bakery. We’re lovin’ what’s in the oven. You will too – come down and play!” That’s some words I put together as a sort of catch phrase, slogan, quote, whatever.. just something catchy, something FUN.

So, that covers early morning, during the day, my evenings pretty well locked up…what do I do when I get home at night? What we all should do when we get home after a very busy day on the street loving things OUT LOUD.. start a load of laundry, feed the dog and cats, then, assuming this sun is down at this point, CRASH, cuz what?? THERE’S A WHOLE NEW DAY TOMORROW TO DO IT AGAIN!!! ALL OF IT!!!!!!!!!

Hope you get out this weekend – see below for some ideas and suggestions on where to go, what to do, etc. The Chaffee Crossing Farmers and Artisan Market is Saturday and I’m looking forward to finding me a piece of apple pie!!! 🙂 Do something GOOD today, something nice for someone else. Do it.. do it, just cuz. Cuz you can, cuz you want to, because who you’re doing it for needs it. These words remind me of the Fort Smith Optimist Club, where I was invited to speak this week. What a great group, and their creed/motto that is recited at the end of every meeting, I had never read these before. But, I think I can sort of relate here.


Until next week, keep it positive out there, and if you love Fort Smith, go on! GET OUT THERE! LOVE ALL OF FORT SMITH OUT LOUD!!