One ALE of a Good Time!




Date night, girls night, guys night, any night is a good excuse to sample some fine beer and ale with your friends! Girls Inc kicked off their third year of hosting Fest of Ale at the Holiday Inn with over two hundred in attendance. It was the perfect way to spend a Friday night with my friends, and a much-needed date night with my husband. Let’s start with the beer: there were over a hundred to choose from! I’m a girl who loves her wheat and light beers, but I never pass up on sampling anything, especially when it comes to

beer! There were of course your domestics, and that new Redd Apple and Strawberry Ale, and Leinenkeugel, but one in particular was hard to forget; the lemony sweet Stiegl Radler. I went to the other end of the spectrum by trying an IPA by Evil Twin Brewing Company called Maltov Cocktail. The flavor was intense, and despite my girly girl beer preferences, I couldn’t help but notice the traffic so I had to try it out. This was a favorite among beer connoisseurs, but I liked the name and label more than anything. Oklahoma brewery Prairie Artisanal Ales brought some impressive flavors and pretty bottles with the Prairie Hop and Funky Galaxy. Yeah, I drink stuff cause of the pretty packages. Sue me.


Now there was more than just beer there, VIP served wine, and there were frozen drinks available as well. I gave one a try, and loved it. The sweet red goodness took me back to all of my college mistakes, so of course I took the opportunity to have more than one sample!

I’m sure you’re wondering, how did you remember this night after sampling over a hundred beers? In addition to the many pictures I took to document the evening, we had amazing food from Papa’s, Speedy’s Tamales, Golden Corral, and Holiday Inn! That Beef Wellington was to die for, and I will confess to demolishing more than my share of pizza, tamales, and sliders! I probably gained about 7 pounds when it was all said and done, but hey, it was my civic duty!

Diverse and delicious beverages: check. Local eats: check. Adding to this party were the sounds of Fort Smith’s own local band Sweet and Lowdown, with Tiffany Reeves singing lead vocals, her husband Keith Reeves playing the guitar, and John Cunningham at the keyboard. The trio kept familiar jams playing all night long, and combined with free-free flowing beers it was impossible not to sing along!

All drinking and eating aside, Fest of Ale is more than just a party; it’s a chance to give to an organization that works hard to serve the girls in our area. This event funds outreach programs, day-to-day operations, and girls’ sports! I grew up in sports, and know that my confidence, drive and what little discipline I have is from participating in team sports. If you would like to contribute by volunteering or donating to Girls Inc, click here.