Friday August 27 2021 So Long, Farewell ish

As I draw this weeks word bath, dip my toe into the, ah! too hot, ah! too cold, AHHHH just right “water” I call my vocabulary, the thoughts that are racing through my mind are far too scattered to be able to even begin to fill a screen, so instead I just lay here, in my word bath, I lay here til my hands get pruney, and THEN and ONLY THEN do I begin….

No, not really. What? I don’t start it this way EVERY time. But I do start. And sometimes I have exciting things to say. For instance,

“So long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen,….”

…..and we shall meet again. I am stepping down as the Captain of Communication of the Good Samaritan Clinic, but continuing with my support and admiration for this organization. Good Samaritan Clinic is a critical resource for our community and services they provide are needed now more than ever. There are GOOD people who make Good Sam GOOD. Starting with a solid board of directors, leaders in their fields, in full engagement with the top-notch non-profit executive director, the Coach, Ms. Patti Kimbrough. Add to that, the list of volunteer doctors and nurses committed to caring for those in our community who struggle and cannot seek the medical attention they need otherwise …. That’s a solid “wow” in my book. Doing the right thing. Doing Good, for those in need. What an incredible mission to easily wrap my head around and always continue do what I can to support the efforts put forth at Good Sam.

Thank you, Coach Patti. Your tenacity, your spirit, your motivation to MOVE THE NEEDLE at just the right time, your passion for the Clinic … all things I saw first hand. I cannot thank you enough for opening the doors, and putting me in the corner …. …of a bad ass office with a window!! 😉 …. (seriously, going to miss the office.) No question you and I will work together again (in fact I got this Bellamy Brothers song stuck on repeat in my head head for some reason! 😃) So, this is not “goodbye” .. more of a casual, “later.” Cuz ya know, this is Fort Smith and all. 🤷🏻‍♂️

This is Rham Cunningham, signing off as Captain of Comm. of Good Sam, still Loving ALL of Fort Smith Out Loud!

Come see me. I’ll be down the street hanging out at The Bakery District, now more than ever! — I hear they have some cool stuff going on there. Connect with me on Instagram @nickrham and be watching for fun updates on the upcoming new season of NRC. I promise it’ll be binge-worthy, but at minimum ish… 😃

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