Fort Smith Ready for More Trails and Greenways

Recommendations from UAFS Student Government, Student Athlete Advisory Committee and the Fort Smith Parks Commission in favor of the Trails and Greenaway’s movement:

Fort Smith Parks and Recreation Commission

October 24th, 2014

Mayor Sandy Sanders

and Fort Smith City Directors

PO Box 1208

Fort Smith, AR  72902

Dear City Leaders:

Please accept this letter of resolution from the Fort Smith Parks and Recreation Commission regarding funding for the development of a connected, continuous and contiguous system of trails, bikeways, greenways and walkways (sidewalks) throughout the City of Fort Smith.

In an effort to create long overdue trails and bikeway infrastructure improvements, the Fort Smith Parks and Recreation Commission recommends that a partial redistribution of the street tax fund is designated for construction of a comprehensive trail system when the street tax comes up for renewal in 2015.

The Trails and Greenways Committee continues to press forward and facilitate awareness and demonstrate a true need for more trails and bikeways. The Fort Smith Parks and Recreation Commission supports the resolution made by the Trails and Greenways Committee to commit a portion of the 2015 Street Tax toward construction of a combination of trails, bikeways, greenways, sharrows (mutually shared auto/bike lanes) and sidewalks that provide all citizens with alternative routes of transportation, exercise and recreation throughout the entire city. The Commission also supports the resolution presented by the UAFS Student Government Association supporting development of trails, greenways and bike paths that connect directly into the university campus.

The Parks and Recreation Commission has voted unanimously to ask the Board of Directors to incorporate these citizen recommendations into the legal structure of the 2015 street tax renewal.


Fort Smith Parks and Recreation Commission

Lorie Robertson, Chairman

Casey Millspaugh

Sherry Tolliver

Billy Bob Williams

Bryan Merry

Madeline Marquette

UAFS Student Athlete Advisory Committee

Board of Directors,

The Student Athlete Advisory Committee, which represents over 200 student-athletes at UAFS is more than happy to support the construction of Trails and Greenways in Fort Smith. As an athletic program, our teams are becoming some of the best in the country and in order to maintain the improvement of our programs, the construction of trails and greenways would become a vital tool for our growth.

The Trails and Greenways would not only be used for our training, but also as part of our daily lives. A trail system which connects the entire city, can be used as an alternative mean of transportation. Students would have the ability to walk or ride a bike to restaurants, shopping centers, the movies, and among other businesses. Trials would also promote fitness and a healthier lifestyle throughout the entire community.

Fort Smith needs a comprehensive trail system to attract college students and retain graduates. Trails and bike paths have aided the growth of other metropolitan areas, such as Northwest Arkansas. A large percentage of college students and young professionals enjoy outdoor activities, such as cycling, and running. Therefore, when choosing a school to attend or a city to pursue a career in, the availability of trails and bike paths might play an important role in their decision.  For these reasons we strongly support the use of the streets sales tax to construct trails and greenways in Fort Smith.


University of Arkansas- Fort Smith

Student Athlete Advisory Committee

UAFS Student Government Association

University of Arkansas – Fort Smith | Student Government Association

Resolution Number 15-01

TITLE: Resolution in Support of Trails & Greenway Connectivity with UAFS

SPONSOR: Matthew Farrar, Treasurer; Jeff Burnett, Member-at-Large; Tyler Wilson, College of Education

DATE: October 6th, 2014

WHEREAS, the Student Government Association (SGA) is the sole representative body of all UAFS students; and

WHEREAS, the SGA works to act in the best interest of UAFS and its students; and

WHEREAS, the SGA supports the fulfillment of the UAFS mission, which seeks to advance quality of place; and

WHERAS, the SGA recognizes an opportunity to connect UAFS students with restaurants, entertainment venues, and businesses in the community; and

WHEREAS, the SGA recognizes the lack of motorized transportation amongst a small population of UAFS students, and the potential to relegate this inconvenience through the development of trails and greenways; and

WHEREAS, the SGA recognizes outdoor recreational opportunities as an essential element of promoting health and wellness; and

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, the SGA supports the connection of trails and greenways from existing, or proposed, trails between the community and the University of Arkansas – Fort Smith.


Seconded by ____________________________________

VOTE For__________ Against__________ Abstentions____



Annsley Garner

Student Government Association President