First Friday in June, 2021, Captain’s Log

Captain’s Log, Friday June 4, 2021

Greetings, friends, it’s your Captain. Sure seems crazy that I’m writing words in June, specifically June 2021, cuz if I recollect, this time last year I was using duct tape to keep my mask on so I wouldn’t contract “the sickness” (as Sophie calls it) and surely in one years time, depending on which news source I was watching that day, we would all be dead by now, or at least without internet (I think that was a theory?) or at least, we’d all have chips in our arm…(I think that was another theory?) I don’t know. Hell, I had a year to watch and listen and I would have hoped learn something, but I don’t think that’s what happened. But not now. No sir! LOOK AT US NOW! Boom! Mask free! Take that, sickness! You down with the sickness?? Okay, that was overkill, regardless, we’re sitting one year later and things are as normalish as normalish can get. Things that were once an every now and then thing are now everyday things. Having our food delivered to our door for instance. Having board meetings over Zoom, because you’d much prefer to stare at the screen of the person you dislike much more than having to sit next to him or her in person…also, smells are off the table except for your own aroma, but that’s on you. No, really it is. Get a towel and wipe it off. Anyway, not to get too far off the skids this week, let’s just re-boot this log (…?) and start over….Greetings friends, it’s your Captain. I am very happy to be writing words in June of 2021! One year ago I was… I was… hmm.. EXACTLY, I was incapacitated, not in commission so to speak. Eh, running hot with the check engine light flashing. In other words, not myself, some might say, and in a whisper, “oh, that’s Rham.” No! Don’t whisper – I have the ears of a canine. Like the ones back in Sherlock Holmes day where they could sniff out…wait that’s smell, “Hey Alexa, what’s an animal with exceptional hearing” … moth, bat, elephant, dog.. Ha! There, I knew dogs were in there. What was I even saying? Oh! whispering – nope. Not allowed. Not for me. Out Loud and Proud….always. …ish.

“If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em!”
Unless you are purposely choosing to NOT beat “’em” by surrounding yourself with “’em” so much that one day it becomes too much so instead of thinking back to all the hard work you’ve put in to be in to be in the place you are right now you suddenly realize you don’t want to be in this place anymore and you want to be out there, with “’em” again. A place you are very familiar and miss terribly, and you let “’em” get to you, so you just throw your hands up and just join “’em” ….

…..or not, and add another day of sobriety to the calendar. Whatever works for you.

Did I wander again…?? Things to do, hot and heavy asou may have very well guessed. Taken a gander below for a few things that might tickle your fancy. Monday Night Trivia is bigger and better than ever, and Wednesday Night Cornhole has become the THING TO DO on Wednesday night! The Bakery District in Downtown Fort Smith is bringing us THINGS TO DO this summer for sure (and imma help!!) Live music surrounds our great city, from Chaffee to Downtown, and if I were a betting man (which turns out, I am …ish…) but if I were indeed an all-in betting man, layin’ it all out on the line, I would bet that this Summer, SUMMER 2021, will be one for the books! It’s already started strong, with no end in site. So, that means it’s up to us to get up, get out and LOVE ALL FORT SMITH OUT LOUD!

You In?