Constant Connection: Is it making other parts of our brain worse?

Television #thescreen has taken over our lives. We get home, it comes on. While it’s on, the iPad is in the lap. Your phone is in your hand. You spend equal amount of time on phone, iPad, and watching TV… Which one are you processing?

Everything. All of them.

And that’s not all.

On the phone, you’re texting your friends about work today and what we’re doing this weekend… You just got off the phone with your mom. On the iPad in your lap you’re pinning your favorite fall and winter decorations.. and updating your Facebook status and watching an episode of Revenge… and having a conversation with ME.

Yep, there I am sitting over there with Facebook launched on laptop and the Facebook mobile app launched on the iPad.. why? Rumor has it Facebook mobile is faster at refreshing updates than Facebook on the computer…. ONE TIME CLOCKED AT NEARLY 3 SECONDS FASTER!! THE HUMANITY! Seriously, I found out 3 seconds before you about government shutdown. I win.

I’m texting 7-10 different people, having a different conversation with each… oh, and I’m drinking too.. and to the 2 or 3 that are left after my drunken replies or my quasi-controversial political Facebook posts some nights…. Way to hang in there.. I’m also watching Revenge, while reading “Goodbye Breaking Bad posts” and liking beer pages.. I’m also hashtagging my thoughts … you only live once right? But it’s processing. It’s all processing. I can tell you what it’s all about. Might even give you some headlines on the days news or maybe a pithy comment made by one of our many talented late night hosts the night before… or quote some of last weeks SNL monologue …

I’m not proud of all this business. In fact, it gets downright exhausting. Sure, maybe we can process all of this at the same time. But where the hell is my wallet? Where did I put my keys? Is all this NOW affecting our memory? I don’t know because I can’t remember what this blog is about anyway.

-Rham Cunningham, Co-Creator of TTDIFS/Member of Connectivity Anonymous


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Image by Chloe, fmayang @deviantart