UAFS 6th Man

6th Man Mission Philosophy The University of Arkansas – Fort Smith men’s basketball program invites you to become a part of the 6th Man Club. As a member, you will help the growth and success of the men’s basketball program. You will be the first to hear about game recaps, future opponents, and community engagement […]

The Let Down

Did you grow up thinking that professional wrestling was real? I did (reserve all judgments), and when I found out that it kinda sorta wasn’t real at all, I was devastated. These behemoths of testosterone and stimulants were like miniature gods to me back then, and my feeble world was rocked when I discovered that […]

That’s How They Roll

With the wife out of town, it’s always fun looking for something to do alone. Normally, I end up in the recliner, renting a movie, ordering a pizza, grabbing a 6 pack of be…soda, and chilling. That doesn’t necessarily fit my personality (except for the be…soda part), but often when she’s away, I want to […]

In the Candle Box!

Once again, the Rib Room was packed with eager fans ready to hear their favorite band from high school, all wondering if they could still bring it after all these years. They brought it, and after 2 hours of ROCKING, everyone left happy. At the Rib Room, everyone is packed inside one the coolest venues […]

This Had Better Be Funny (No Refunds):

Local Comedian and Host of this Friday’s “Home Grown Comedy” series in Fort Smith (June 12th, 8pm @ Lost Beach), Brenden Dahle takes us on his journey to (eventual) comedy super-stardom (hopefully). It’s taken me a long time to admit this, but I might as well make it public and accept that certain realities can’t […]

Get It!

Thad Crawford is a freelance blogger extraordinaire that has a way with words. His 32 year-old-ness puts up with a lovely wife,  3 boys and a girl…or is it they put up with him? His pithy tongue only gives way to his motivation of being a fit father, friend, and concert goer. Meet Thad.

Top 10 Things To Do To Stay Cool In Fort Smith

….and no, “being yourself” isn’t an answer we’ll accept. Ha! Although the temps this summer have been much cooler than last year (I say that quietly in case Mother Nature is listening), it’s still warm out and we ALL know that the heat will be back in full force sooner than later. So, what do […]

Local Comedy Scene is No Joke

{Seth Dees is a stand-up comedian that is passionate about comedy. His talents have landed him gigs all over the tri-state area. He stops by TTDIFS to give us a little insight on the local comedy scene…no joke.}  Before I get into the details about the awesome opportunity for aspiring comedians in Arkansas’ River Valley, […]

I had the Blues, now I’m just sad it’s over

Talks of the “Super Moon” was all a-buzz as the crowds grew, the temps dropped and the music was turned up. The funnel cakes were frying, the beer was chilling and the music got louder and better as the night progressed ….and not just because of the chilled beer….  “those suuummer…. niiiiiiights!” It was the […]

That Girl With the DOT Com Hoped for Moore…AND GOT IT!

Recently, I began attempting  anything that wanders into my daydreams.  When I started working on my site I wanted to do something to get our downtown to participate in something together that would spark citywide participation. I love our downtown, and I feel that if we could get our citizens fired up about it, we could […]