Chaffee Crossing Farmers & Artisans Market Experiencing Huge Growth

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Lorie Robertson, Director of Marketing Fort Chaffee Redevelopment Authority / Chaffee Crossing / 479.719.6624 June 12 market to feature more significant growth in vendors, live music, and kids’ activities FORT SMITH, Ark. (June 9, 2021) – The recently formed Chaffee Crossing Farmers and Artisans Market (CCFAM) is experiencing exponential growth in […]

Rham’s Captain’s Log Notes, Not at Sea, Day 160

Ya, I Googled it. “What day of the year is June 9” (that’s the day when these words in particular made their way to the surface in a frantic race to see who gets on to the screen first, only to discover that I have the ability to STOP at a moments notice, switch gears, […]

Fort Smith National Historic Site announces building closure

National Park Service News Release Release Date – June 8, 2021 Contact: Nissa Mondahl, Supervisory Park Ranger,, 479-629-0937 Fort Smith, AR – The Fort Smith National Historic Site Visitor Center/Museum is currently closed due to ongoing construction work. During this period, the park grounds and trails remain open from 30 minutes before sunrise until […]

First Friday in June, 2021, Captain’s Log

Captain’s Log, Friday June 4, 2021 Greetings, friends, it’s your Captain. Sure seems crazy that I’m writing words in June, specifically June 2021, cuz if I recollect, this time last year I was using duct tape to keep my mask on so I wouldn’t contract “the sickness” (as Sophie calls it) and surely in one years […]

Rham’s Captain’s Log, Friday May 28, 2021

Friday May 28, 2021 Maybe this is the first time you have ever read a single word I have ever typed, ever. You don’t read. You podcast. You live inside a world of 15 second videos that captivate hours of your day, and that’s only if you WATCH….forget about it if you also upload and […]

Rham’s Rhamblings 5-18-2021

Tuesday, May 18th and it’s probably going to rain and of course my top is off as I continue to two-step with this spring rain dance, from one covered awning (sometimes in front of houses of folks I hope aren’t home) to abandoned gas stations, one after another, posting up in some for 30 minutes […]

Rham’s Captain’s Log, May 14, 2021

Friday May 15, 2021 Good day, friends. It’s your Captain speaking, typing, thinking, sometimes typing before thinking, and yet at times, thinking and simply forgetting to type (those are the magic moments I hope to one day be able to recollect.) It’s a daily struggle. It’s what makes things fun. I’ve fought it, slept on […]

Star Wars and Tacos and Motorcycles, OH MY! May 7, 2021

Well it’s that week every year where we all unite…and,  I mean ALL of us! It’s a gathering unlike anything you could ever imagine, until you find yourself in that gathering, then you realize, ah heck, we’re all in this together. I’m of course referring to the week we’ve all just been through, and the […]

Christmas in July 2021

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Fort Smith, AR – The Directors and their Boards for the Bonneville House, The Clayton House and the Fort Smith Museum of History are excited to announce a second collaboration. Together, these non- profits are presenting, “Christmas in July” a family fun, holiday market festival. The 3-day collaborative event will celebrate all […]