Captain’s Log, Rham’dom Notes and What Not

April 8, 2021, 2:15PM 

I like to toot my horn.


One might not appreciate the real value having a functioning car horn can be, until one find themselves without. This is your Captain speaking. This is my story…well, story about my Jeep horn not working and passing by my wife’s work and always giving a toot and a wave out the window as I pass by but can’t now because my horn doesn’t work, but I still wave and try to honk the not working horn until today, the stars aligned. As I passed by the big windows that line the front of Wight Office Machines on Towson Avenue, a big rig tractor trailer was tailing me but in the opposite lane. I quickly stuck my arm out the window and gave the “air honk signal” and at the exact moment he honked the horn, I was passing by the office, and….well, stars aligned. It was like Marty and Doc Brown in Back to the Future Part 1, and 2, also and 3.. either way, the truck honked, the office heard it….Hey, that was me, just tooting as horn and saying hello. Take that not functioning horn. Take that.


It’s never bad to have little reminders pop up from time to time to remind you why you stopped drinking and will never take another drink of alcohol a day in my life. Seems like that’s a pretty powerful reminder, you say? It is and I suggest not having to bump into one another very often if at all possible, but just be prepared, or ish as possible, because, well, it’s not fun. Guess what? It’s about control again. Buckle up.