As a recent stay at home mom, I rack my brain coming up with things to do in between his naps that are good bonding experiences, but not incredibly expensive. I’ve come to realize that my little guy loves quality time, but not just in the comfort of our home, he loves being out in public, socializing with adults and other small children.




So far we have one weekly adventure that we both look forward to: Tuesday morning Storytime at Fort Smith’s Main Branch on Old Greenwood and Rogers avenue. Every Tuesday at 10:00am the sweet librarians host a storytime complete with songs (and sign language!) in the children’s area. We read a story or two, do a little dancing, sing some songs and adjourn for snacks.




This is a perfect way for you to bond with your little one, meet other parents in the area, and take a break from reading Baby Peekaboo for the fifteenth time in thirty minutes! The little ones also have the opportunity to socialize in a safe indoor environment while you watch how adorable they are from a distance! I should also mention that it’s FREE.




Since we plan on Blake being an only child, it’s important for him to socialize with other children; I have this fear that he grows into the oddly precocious child that prefers the company of adults. So far he just stands in the center of the group and watches everyone. I’m sure that after a month or so of us going he will make some friends and start to socialize. We will still have to deal with the imaginary friend thing, but it will be because he’s creative, not because he’s lonely, right?




The Fort Smith public library has more story time events than just the Tuesday morning, and at different branches. Check out their website for more info!
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