Fort Smith’s Mardi Gras Celebration, Saturday February 25th

9am – 10pm Street Vendors: Vendors will be lining Garrison Ave. from 2nd to 10th Streets from 9am until 8pm!   Arts, Crafts, Food, and Drink vendors will be out from 9am until 10pm to tempt your pocket books!  Read More.

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This website is dedicated to providing a central location for things to do in the Fort Smith River Valley and surrounding areas! Things to do in Fort Smith (TTDIFS) offers non-profit (or profit) groups a way to promote their event for FREE.


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The Video Wire with Dawson Meadows is a weekly video hosted by Dawson Meadows of Things to do in Fort Smith. Some haveargued that Dawson is just another name for Rham Cunningham, but that is still unconfirmed. The Video Wire is where local news meets things to do!